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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tutorial Rekayasa Termal 3 [Soal + Kunci Jawaban]

Problems :

1. 1.43 Air contained within a vertical piston-cylinder assembly is shown in Fig. P1.43. On its top, the 10-kg piston is attached to a spring and exposed to an atmospheric pressure of 1 bar. Initially, the bottom of the piston is at $x=0$, and the spring exerts a negligible force on the piston. The valve is opened and air enters the cylinder from the supply line, causing the volume of the air within the cylinder to increase by $3.9$ x $10^{-4} m^{-2}$. The force exerted by the spring as the air expands within the cylinder varies linearly with $x$ according to ....

Soal 1

2. 2.56 As shown in Fig. P2.56, 5 kg of steam contained within a piston-cylinder assembly undergoes air expansion from state 1, where the specific internal energy is $u_{1} = 2709.9$ KJ/kg, to state 2, where ...

Soal 2

Soal 3

Key Answer :

Jawaban Soal 1-1

Jawaban Soal 1-2 dan Soal 2

Jawaban Soal 3

Jawaban Soal 4-1

Jawaban Soal 4-2

Jawaban Soal 4-3

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