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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Peter Answer Secret! | Revealed Virtual Tarot

Hello guys,,
In this very very hot day, I want to share something. This is very good game to play with your friends. This game is a tarot games, but actually not the real one. This game can understand your own language. Ex. if you ask something in this game with Indonesian languange, the answer will be Indonesian too :D Interesting huh?? Please go to this site : Peter answer virtual tarot

Peter Answer Secret! | Revealed Virtual Tarot
Peter Answer Secret! | Revealed Virtual Tarot

See picture above?? How to play with it??
First, type on the petition box : "Peter, please answer the following question:" or "Peter, please answer"
Second, type your own question then click "ok" or end your question with question mark (I don't know how to call it, this symbol "?")
See your answer.

I guess, Peter will answer :
No more questions, getting sleepy
Could you repeat that?
Spectral disturbances stop me from answering
and etc.

Why your answer like that?? Very simple... because you don't know the trick. But don't be so sad because I'll give you the trick. So check this out.

Step 1
On the petition box, first type "." then it will become "P", after that write your answer. Don't worry, the petition box won't show your answer, but it will continue to write "eter, please answer .." bla bla bla. After finish writing your answer, then type ".", after that continue to write the petition sentence manually.

Step 2
Write your question. Then press "ok" or end your question with question mark.

Step 3
See the result :D do this trick with your friends.

Note :
Make sure that your friend not focus on the keyboard. So while you typing the question, make a conversation with your friend or make them focus on the screen :D

That's all

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