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Friday, 24 May 2013

Making Bold Text | HTML | Tutorial

HTML with JustScience
HTML with JustScience

Hello fellas, nice to meet you again
In this good time I would like to introduce you about how to make a bold text in HTML.

See these text below if you don't know what is Bold Text.
  • This is not Italic
  • This is BOLD
  • This is Underlined Text
  • This is text with strikethrough
  • This is Italic

Now, how we make it ??
If you don't wanna hard way, just blog the text then click symbol of B on the editor.
But on HTML, we need a code.. see this code below

There are 2 simple ways to make text become bold.

<div style="font-weight: bold;">This is Bold</div>

Will appear
This is Bold

<b>This is Bold</b>

Will appear
This is Bold

Cahya : "Yeah... You did it"

You : "I did ??"

Cahya : "That's right dude"

You : "Yeaaahhh motha fucka!!!!"

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