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Gambar Almamater Keren

Author : Cahya Putra - Just Science | A blog of informations

Gambar Almamater Keren is written by Cahya Putra on Sunday, 12 May 2013. Thank you for visiting and reading this article. You can say your response on the Comment Box.

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Ini didapat dari website http://profiles.friendster.com/foursmabali
Begini kira2 isinya

Happy to Pronounce U:
The Place we love the most
The place we learn a lot
The place we spent much time
When we were YOUNG

And we always remember
Laugh, spirit, cryin', pride, joy and glory
As a part of FOURSMA simple peoples..

keren bahasanya neg...

ni ada gambarnya

gambar wallpaper keren - http://pillstick.blogspot.com/
Gambar wallpaper

ya,, saya berharap suatu saat akan berucap seperti ini di suatu tempat...

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